The World's Fastest HIV Self Test

About This Project

The INSTI HIV Self Test is the world’s fastest over-the-counter HIV home test. This packaging was designed to facilitate a smooth user experience, and includes the following features:

  • A calm and professional aesthetic that is mindful of consumer sensitivities
  • A self-contained design that allows the user to perform the test within the packaging to prevent spillage
  • Clear instructions, tested via extensive user trials
  • A user-friendly manual booklet (instead of the more cumbersome map fold)
  • An opaque plastic bag for discreet disposal
  • E-commerce-friendly packaging


Translate the professional HIV testing kit to a consumer friendly version.


User-centered design that was tested and validated through user trials.


Packaging Design – Andrew Zo
User Experience Design – Andrew Zo


Corrugated Cardboard

Insti HIV Professional Version

Professional Version vs. Over The Counter Version

After pouring the solutions into the membrane unit, the test result can be read immediately.

The test can be self-contained when using the product.

Instructions validated through user trials.

Design Process

Brainstorming Process


The Insti HIV Self Test requires 3 main steps and several items. For this reason, the idea of an operations area was developed.

Box Packaging Process


Physical prototypes were created for validating ideas as well as user testing. Placement of items in the packaging, as well as the unboxing experience, are both necessary considerations in a consumer product.

Box Graphics Process


The psychology of the buyer was considered when creating the box graphics.


A clean and minimal design was chosen to create an approachable look.


The design opted for a calm turquoise colour scheme as well as a photograph of a hand which indicates where the test will be performed.

Diagram Process


Line drawings were used to accommodate rapid changes as well as the ability to highlight specific details.


The goal of the drawings was to deliver accurate actions.

Photograph Process


The hand is a familiar element that connects to the buyer.


The cropping of the hand and the gestures have been considered to avoid any unwanted connotations.

Colour Scheme Process


Calm colours were used in consideration to the psychology of the buyer.


Unique colours can easily differentiate Insti’s product(s).

Typography Process


Modern, professional & versatile.

User Experience Design Process

User Trials


Multiple rounds of user trials were conducted to inform the design.


The goal was to create a user-friendly experience.



Easy to understand everyday language.


Clear instructions with emphasis on keyword(s).



Instructions have been arranged to avoid difficulty flipping through the pages during the procedure of the test.

Booklet Format


A booklet allows the information to be separated, so users will not be overwhelmed.


A book fold significantly reduces cost compared to a booklet print.

Real World Example