A Slim Engagement Ring Case

About This Project

Clifton was inspired after a conversation with a classmate about the process of a proposal. The traditional boxes are too big to hide easily, and the friend suggested a box that could fit inside a wallet. While exploring this option, Andrew incorporated a pop up mechanism to create a box that has a low profile as well as a flower blooming effect.


Traditional jewelry boxes are too bulky to use during a proposal.


A slim case that features a pop up mechanism.


Packaging Design – Andrew Zo

Branding – Andrew Zo

Photography – Andrew Zo

Art Direction – Andrew Zo



Leather, paper, cotton fabric.

Beautiful Unboxing

Each case features an ingeniously designed mechanism.

Compact Case

Credit-card-sized with a super slim 1cm profile, the Clifton case is easy to conceal.

Award Winning

Featured on countless media sites & TV around the world! : O

Fine Craft

Made from premium paper and cotton fabric, with an elegant exterior of black, genuine leather.

Starting At 99CAD