Aritzia Super Puff Airpods Case

Packaging Design

About This Project

Aritzia’s new Super Puff Airpods Cases packaging is thoughtfully designed for the retail environment. It features a large, plastic-free window that invites customers to touch and feel the product’s unique texture. Additionally, a side window provides a preview of the premium quality lanyard included. Each component is neatly packaged in its own compartment, ensuring a smooth and mess-free unboxing experience.

One of the biggest challenges was the paper engineering required to keep the Airpods case closed without using plastic. Due to the nature of the Super Puff material, the case naturally remains in an open position when an Airpod device is not placed inside. To solve this issue, three cardstock pieces were used to mimic the shape of an Airpods case, which prevented the opening issue.

*Minimal plastic – The only plastic used is the thin plastic coating which comes with the paper stock itself and the clear sticker for seal the packaging.


A plastic-free design that showcases all components and ensure the product is presented with elegance.


A design that incorporates windows for key components of the product, allowing users to immediately understand its purpose.


Graphic Design – Andrew Zo

Structural Design – Andrew Zo



Card Stock