Aritzia Socks Revamp

Structural & Graphics

About This Project

In 2023, Aritzia underwent a significant expansion of its sock collection, encompassing the brands TNA, Wilfred, and Babaton. To navigate the extensive product offerings introduced during this expansion and prevent customer confusion, each sub-brand adopted a distinctive structural system. The packaging strategy emphasized highlighting the product silhouette, enhancing the ease in product identification. With varying price points and brand images across the three lines, the dieline also harmonized with each brand’s identity.
• Dieline updated to show case the socks on all sides.
• Product info were also added to the top of the packaging to help shoppers quickly find the right product.
• Minimal plastic used


A packaging revamp of all 3 brands of socks


A unique packaging system for each brand.


Packaging Structure Design – Andrew Zo

Packaging Graphic Design – Andrew Zo

Packaging Development – Andrew Zo

Branding – Aritzia


Card Stock






In-Store Display

Old Design

Old Wilfred

The majority of the socks are obscured by the packaging, which makes it challenging to discern their style and length.


The way the socks are displayed in-store necessitates shoppers to sift through sizes from the top. As the old design didn’t include product info on the top, the shopping experience proved to be difficult.

Old Babaton

The old design obscured most of the sock, making the shopping experience difficult. Additionally, the small window opening at the top often fails to showcase the product, as the socks tend to settle at the bottom of the packaging.

Design Process