Tuxedo cat

2003 – 2009


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Finding Pillow


This project was born out of missing my cat over the years. One day I was on Instagram and found pictures of a cat that looked like pillow. I bookmarked that post and began collecting them as I see them. This 2021 holiday season, I decided to put it all together as a gift to my family. We have missed you very much, Pillow.

First Pet


We got Pillow, back when our family was living in Langley, from a family friend from church. Their cat had 4+ kittens and they were giving them away. Surprisingly, our mom didn’t require a lot of convincing from me and my brother to adopt a cat.

Naming A Cat


I don’t remember if we knew we were going to call the cat Pillow immediately, or it took some time. But we named it Pillow, because my younger brother loves pillows. We had hoped that we would love him as much as my brother had loved pillows.


We never really took many pictures of Pillow because we never really thought about that. Back then, digital cameras weren’t as good and there were no social media.


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Pillow’s First Catch


Pillow was a great litter hunter. Dead mouse and birds often could be found. I remembered the first time he proudly brought us his first catch at the door. The entire family freaked out. We didn’t know he was trying to show off. We screamed that he was going to bring it home and eat it. Pillow was very confused. Because, on one hand we had a massive reaction to his catch; but, it didn’t seem all that positive. Sorry, pillow. We didn’t know at the time.


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What Had Happened


After me and my brother both started going to university, our family moved out to Calgary. Pillow did not like the cold and the dry and weary land there. (there were no tress for him to play in) He went out to play one day in the summer and never came back. We suspect that he was taken by the coyotes. Since then, our family has never had another cat.

Forever In Our Hearts